Digital Health Summit

The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) launched its medical informatics funding scheme to make data from healthcare and research more useful and meaningful. DIFUTURE is one of the consortia selected for funding. At our Digital Health Summit, we want to introduce DIFUTURE and, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Technical University of Munich, discuss latest developments in the field of medical informatics with national and international experts.

The Munich Digital Health Summit took place on Nov 29 and Nov 30 2018. More than 300 persons participated.


Day 1 (national meeting)

Day 2 (international meeting)

Slides from the international meeting

Klaus A. Kuhn – Short Overview of DIFUTURE

Shawn N. Murphy – Instrumenting the Health Care Enterprise for Discovery in the Course of Clinical Care

Paul Harris – Data Democratization – Designing Platforms and Service Models to Support Research Teams

Bernhard Hemmer – From Early Outcome Prediction to Individualized Treatment Decisions – Neurology Use Cases Utilizing Data Integration and Data Sharing

Oliver Kohlbacher – Personal Health Trains – From Vision to Implementation

Ulrich Mansmann – A Clinical Epidemiologist’s Perspective on Digital Medicine – Does Digital Medicine Represent an Epistemic Shift in Clinical Epidemiology?

Jane Kaye – The Importance of Trustworthy Governance – Is Dynamic Consent One Solution?

Brad Malin – Building Bridges Between Technical Data Privacy Capabilities and Legal Requirements

Gunnar Rätsch – Data Sharing Strategies & Benefits in ICGC, TCGA and BRCA Challenge