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Spokesperson of the DIZ Management Forum elected

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Congratulations to Dr Michaela Hardt, Tübingen University Hospital, and Timo Fuchs, Regensburg University Hospital!

The operational managers of the existing data integration centres (DICs) or those currently being set up are represented in the DIC Management Forum. This includes 40 DIZ locations.

One of the tasks of the forum is to coordinate and position the DIZs, which is necessary for the harmonisation of infrastructure development across consortia and locations.

The DIZ is usually an institution within the hospital and is generally closely linked to the clinical computer centres, which ensures a close connection to the healthcare systems. The tasks of the DIZ include the transfer of data from various data-providing systems, the consolidation and processing of this data as well as ensuring data quality and data protection. The processed data is then made available for use in medical research.

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